Guns, Ammo, & Firearms for Ames, Iowa

Daryl's Gun Shop has the best selection of both guns and ammunition anywhere near Ames, Iowa. We offer elite brand names including Beretta, Springfield Armory, Winchester, Browning, Colt, Dakota Arms, and more. Our shop is proud to meet all hunting, fishing, and firearm needs in Ames, Iowa and surrounding areas, including:

Guns/Pistols/Firearms Ammo/Bullets
Hunting Gear/Licenses Fishing Gear/Licenses
Gun Rental Knives
Tasers Archery/Bows/Arrows

Gun Rental Program & Shooting Range

With our gun rental program, you can try out any firearm that you are considering to buy. We also have indoor and outdoor ranges for your use at our location in State Center, Iowa. Our outdoor ranges are open from 8am to sunset, and our indoor ranges are open until 8:30pm.

Come check out our huge collection of guns, firearms, and bullets at our State Center shop and check with us to see which guns are available for rent. Daryl's Gun Shop has you covered no matter what brand or type of gun you are looking for.

Gun Licenses & Permits Needed In Ames, IA

Our knowledgeable staff will not only assist you in finding the right guns for your needs, but we can also help you register for the proper license and permits that you will need. Whether you are needing a fishing, turkey hunting, or deer hunting license, we can steer you in the right direction. We are experts on Iowa gun laws and would be happy to help you get set up to use your supplies.

Extensive Inventory & Conceal Carry Classes

Daryl's Guns offers an extensive inventory of firearms, as well as hunting boots, knives, bows, arrows, and more. Give us a call to find out more about our available inventory, or check out our inventory page that we are always updating with the latest supplies available in Ames, Iowa and surrounding areas.

We also offer concealed carry classes for Ames, IA residents. View our calendar to see when the next class is available.